Joining the fight against Covid-19

Our combined Sea-Air services must remain available, as not all commodities can afford to expedite via airfreight and so Operation “Resilience” is born.

Operation “Resilience” is our pledge our absolutely vital services from Asia to Europe remain open to support the fight against Covid-19. 

Urgent cargo?
Air rates too high?


Save TIME, MONEY and CO2!

We can help!

Our combined Sea-Air services provide vital expedited shipping support at a fraction of the cost of pure airfreight  to the all high demand commodities such as:

• Medical Equipment (Respirators, Ventilators...)
• Medical PPE (Facemasks, Gowns, Goggles...)
• Bicycles
• Household Items
• Indoor & Outdoor Games
• Telecommunications
• Electronics (TVs, Games Consoles…)

And many many more!

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