IN TOUCH with SAT – 10/2021

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Dear valued customer,

Wishing our customers, colleagues, friends and family across China a truly happy and healthy Golden Week, as they celebrate China’s National Day.

The first week in October this year will be a golden week for more than one reason however, as demand for global shipping continues to out strip available capacities and so to the requirement for services such as Sea-Air continues to soar.

Golden week this year comes at a time when the need for speed and capacity are the optimum goals, a scenario Sea-Air does well at. These past few months have seen continued upswings in worldwide freight demand, as global supply chains stoke up toward the Christmas window as shippers push to either replenish years of lost profits or desperately try to meet the excessive new demands for product, accelerated by ecommerce and the pandemic.

Regardless the reason, international trade and supply is booming and with it the need for shipping solutions that work. In recent history, there has not been such a perfect fit for Sea-Air.

As usual please find our schedule for the month of October on our website

Best regards,
Stuart Gerrett and your SAT Team