IN TOUCH with SAT – 05/2021

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Dear valued customer,

Sea-Air can help resolve your ocean freight delays and cut your airfreight costs in half…

We have seen many challenges affect international shipping since the pandemic began, however very little could prepare the world for the amplified ripple effect of the Suez Canal incident; A global ocean freight shipping crisis, now showing upwards of 7 week delays before deep sea vessel departures from most origins, and container equipment itself becoming incredibly scarce.

Pure airfreight has also seen rates initially settle a relatively high levels. And their climbing once again, as distressed ocean cargo taxes demand for urgent fixes.

One of the largest vaccine producing countries is India, a country ravaged by Covid 19 and now a possible new variant that sees many countries add India to the red flag list for travel. Placing further strain on what is already a heavily burdened aviation industry from this routing.

Our unique Sea-Air services have equipment, loading and space priorities built in, which gets goods moving. Enabling our customers the ability to depart goods when they need and arrive them to time sensitive deadlines, whilst saving money and emissions in comparison to pure Airfreight.

In fact our Sea-Air transit time from Mumbai to Europe is currently 6 days…

As usual please find our schedule for the month of May on our website

Best regards,
Your SAT Albatros Team