IN TOUCH with SAT – 04/2021

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Dear valued customer,

Airports in Myanmar still remain closed. Just one example of how Sea-Air provides unique benefit from this region as one of the only “faster than ocean” transport solutions from Myanmar at present.

This month we have also seen new patterns with trade, as global demand and supply imbalance persist. Origins such as Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan remaining hot with limited capacities, equipment shortages and high rates maintaining for pure Airfreight and Ocean as Chinese factories catch back up with demand. All potent driving factors for implementing a dependable Sea-Air service.

Airfreight rates ex China dropped as we expected they would, however not as low as many would have hoped. In fact as Air rates ex China start to rise once more as cargo volumes come back online, we enter into European Spring season with Air rates at an already high level, even before the sleeping giant of Retail reopens, and before the rush to peak season 2021 even begins.

Ocean rates remain very high, Brexit documentation still continues to challenge many and ocean vessels are still skipping the UK altogether, whilst ports such as Los Angeles continue to suffer unfathomable delays. Perpetuating the global equipment imbalance and peak season has not even arrived yet.

Our robust Sea-Air transport solutions deliver as promised by fixing these issues, whilst saving money and emissions.

As usual please find our schedule for the month of April on our website

Best regards,
Your SAT Albatros Team