IN TOUCH with SAT – 03/2021

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Dear valued customer,

The year of the Ox is here. A year of great symbolic likeness with our core values; diligence, dependability and strength.

Lantern festivities that signal the closing days of the Chinese New Year holiday are now well underway, marking a new beginning for ambition, planning and determination in making this a year of achievement through consistent effort.

Our Sea-Air products and services have proven they are in every way alike to these values, by remaining operational throughout the pandemic whilst others could not. Our “Operation Resilience” initiative was a testament to the maturity and dependability of our products, along with the skill and determination of our global team, proving our vital Sea-Air services were accessible when they were needed the most.

However, whilst there is hope on the horizon with vaccines, the pandemic continues to challenge shippers with regional lockdowns, radical market shifts, global equipment shortages, severe port congestions, erratic rates, limiting capacity and unpredictable demand.

Our mature Sea-Air products are solving these issues for our customers with equipment and loading priorities, rate and service stability and our robust operational setup. Providing real solutions to severely delayed Ocean and excessively expensive and polluting Air.

Perhaps the greatest challenges are still yet to come. However, whatever is ahead of us, we are ready.

As usual please find our schedule for the month of March on our website

Best regards,
Your SAT Albatros Team