IN TOUCH with SAT – 01/2021

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Dear valued customer,

As the last few days of December come to pass, we have a chance to reflect on what has been one of the most challenging years for global shipping in modern history.
When the first news from Wuhan came around this time last year, I doubt any of us truly considered the shear scale of what would develop. The measures that would be taken across the world, the suffering and restriction that would ensue for so many and very sadly the thousands that would lose their lives from this totally unthinkable real world pandemic.
Passenger flights disappeared from the world overnight, huge sudden demands for PPE, home entertainment and office equipment, total shifts in consumer behaviour and all being driven by a radical acceleration into the bold new world of online trading, almost entirely. Sending pure airfreight rates soaring to incredible heights of USD 16/kg+ as air freighters took up the mantel for the immediate demand.
Sea-Air proved perfect for tackling the early challenges, as an indirect form of transport we moved the goods away from the original trouble zones by ocean, before flying from and to less affected areas. In fact at one stage in late spring, Sea-Air was almost the only mode of transport available to book space on from Asia to Europe.
We are incredibly proud, as with every challenge, there is an opportunity. Due to the steadfast resilience, determination and skill of the entire SAT team we were uniquely able to provide Sea-Air services throughout the first wave, where others could not. Operation Resilience was our pledge to ensure our vital Sea-Air services kept going however we could, to enable shipping of crucial PPE and high demand supply chain without the full cost impact and massive space restrictions of pure freighter Airfreight.
Of course we have seen many changes since then and with them, fresh challenges. Especially as we now find ourselves in our first Covid 19 Winter and traditional peak season. Which once again sees huge demand for Sea-Air services as Air rates climb once more, deep sea equipment imbalances and congestion, massively delayed trains and of course Brexit!
However, we look ahead to 2021 with hope, as the vaccine now starts its worldwide tour. Over the course of the year we hope to see a gradual return to normality across all geographies and sectors. However this will certainly take some time, and with it, Sea-Air will be ready to support with available capacity and attractive rates for cargo that needs to move quicker than ocean freight, yet cheaper and greener than pure airfreight.
May we take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year, we are very grateful to have such wonderful customers who truly believe and appreciate the value in our Sea-Air services. We very much look forward to supporting and developing your supply chain in the months to come.
Wishing you a healthy, safe and truly magical Christmas, looking forward to an exciting 2021 together.

As usual please find our schedule for the month of November on our website

Best regards,
Your SAT Albatros Team