IN TOUCH with SAT – 12/2020

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Dear valued customer,

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the virus has shaken up global supply chains and is still keeping logistics in suspense. One latest logistics hotspot is the persistent and extreme shortage of ocean containers in Asia and primarily China.

The shortage of containers and the unexpectedly strong demand for sea freight led to an increase in sea freight rates in the last quarter. Accompanied by the high air freight costs due to the shortage of air freight capacity and an overload of the silk road railway, a real bottleneck has arisen here, with high transport costs and extended transit times.

And this is exactly where SAT Albatros Sea-Air Transport comes into play. Our customers benefit from our available capacity, due to our priorirties on equipment, loading and transit to get their supply chain under control again.

The optimal combination of sea and air freight brings costs and transit times back into balance.

Sea-Air is the ideal transport solution and the time has never been better to integrate this mode of transport into your logistics chain.

Benefit from over 36 years of experience, our available equipment, booking and loading priority for the ocean leg and our highly developed and dependable Sea-Air products, for the smooth flow of transport.

Just sea-air at it´s best!

As usual please find our schedule for the month of November on our website

Best regards,
Your SAT Albatros Team