IN TOUCH with SAT – 11/2020

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Dear valued customer,

Just as we expected, air rates begin to soar again as capacity becomes a premium.

The global freight market has seen a number of challenges develop over recent months, with equipment shortages, void sailings, missed ports, severe port congestion, typhoons and many Covid related issues at major airports, having had a dramatic effect on international supply chains.

As we enter the traditional peak season window we now see a crescendo of global e-commerce, distressed ocean, a multitude of big brand tech launches, strong retail demand recovery, PPE and now the prospect of a potential vaccine to be distributed worldwide, all whilst international air travel demand still remains at an all time low.

These are perfect market conditions for Sea-Air to resolve with Operation Resilience.

Our mature Sea-Air products are well prepared to provide lower rate alternatives to pure Air with available capacity, whilst enabling quicker transit solutions for shipments suffering the current challenges being faced by deep sea shipping.

By smartly combining ocean and air in one through mode, we have space at low rates, just when you need it.

As usual please find our schedule for the month of November on our website

Kind regards,

Oliver Bursch

SVP SAT Albatros Group