IN TOUCH with SAT – 10/2020

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Reliability is one of the most important parts of a healthy global supply chain.

The true challenge though is providing reliability when very little in the world of freight is predictable anymore. SAT Albatros are uniquely able to tackle such a task for our customers, and here’s why.  

There was no way anyone could have foreseen the events that followed the outbreak in China at the end of last year, nor could anyone have fully appreciated then just how fragile and susceptible global supply chains were going to be as a result.

With entire continents in lockdown, no global travellers in the air and super high demand to move urgent PPE the freight industry and how it now operates was almost entirely rewritten overnight.

The effects of global lockdown and the massive shifts in supply/demand across all sectors have significantly disrupted deep sea and pure airfreight. Even now some 10 months on from the beginning, the market is still noticeably different, and it is still unclear when and whether a return to the old normal will come to pass.

SAT Albatros Sea-Air was born from similar market conditions 36 years ago, having isolated a need to move goods quicker than ocean at a time when air capacity was limited out of Asia. We have not only been active in the Sea-Air transport sector since 1984, but our robust, unique and pioneering Sea-Air solutions have been getting better and stronger with each passing year, overcoming every event with effects on the transport market over the 36 years on the market.

By having such a history we have managed once again to successfully ride the storm of the pandemic first wave, uniquely providing for our clients a working Sea-Air solution whilst all others could not.  

Flexibility and reliability are the key factors for successful and stable transport processing and we are proud that with our initiative “Operation Resilience” our SAT team was able to master the challenges we have faced and are more than ready to respond to the challenges that still lay before us.

Whether as an alternative or complementary option to conventional modes of transport, SAT Albatros Sea-Air is therefore a perfect solution in balancing time and costs for a predictable supply chain in an uncertain world.

Because reliability is our passion.

Kind regards,

Oliver Bursch

SVP SAT Albatros Group