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Dear valued customer,

Parts and stock supply are back on track in most manufacturing countries now. Many retailers are seeing stronger returns to business than first expected. This is not the issue anymore.

Due to unpredictable demand and forecasting, shippers across almost all industry verticals are facing their greatest challenges yet in the provisions they need to secure over the coming months, in which regions and in what quantities. Most notably of which is shipping capacity.

Capacity planning without overpaying for sectors such as Retail is crucial to securing supply chain stability and fuelling the development of vital recovery sales. Whereas in Tech, securing capacity is essential to meeting the extraordinary demand in home office and entertainment seen since the outbreak.

The issue in airfreight is less available capacity than there was last year without long haul traveller demand. The remaining space that is left must also be shared with essential medical supplies as the western world heads into its first winter with Covid-19 in the community.  

Shippers need fast, flexible and robust shipping solutions that can provide expediting capacity through peak season, without overspending. Our mature Sea-Air services are built for this very reason, offering quicker than ocean, yet cheaper and greener freight solutions with available capacity when you need it the most.

Plan for success with SAT Albatros Sea-Air.

We have what you need and we are ready.

Best regards, Oliver Bursch (SVP SAT Albatros Group)