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Dear valued customer,

Dependable and fast Sea-Air can be a valuable approach and complementary component in the global supply chain.

Covid-19 is having a dramatic effect on the entire world. Nothing is as it was and it is uncertain whether, when or even if we will return to “normal”. Or will there be a new kind of normal?

A question posing significant challenges for individuals, organisations, companies, trade and groups the world over who are trying to plan for the future.

Supply chains have been subject to major upheavals. Without a return of PAX flight capacity and unreliability in the pure deep sea market, turns supply chain planning into a supply chain puzzle.

Our smartly combined sea and air transport products are built on over 36 years of market leading maturity. Offering lower cost and up to 50% less emissions than pure Air, whilst still meeting stringent transit time requirements, unachievable by deep sea. Taking the best of both classic modes of transport in one simple and easy to use through movement.

So what will the new normal look like in international logistics? Nobody can predict that today, but it makes sense to consider truly dependable solutions and partners during planning this year.

SAT Albatros Sea-Air are ready to optimise your supply chain with you.

Best regards,

Oliver Bursch

SVP SAT Albatros Group