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Dear valued customer

Is your supply chain ready for a second wave, through peak season?

2020 has already been and will continue to be, a year unlike any other.  

For some industries, pandemic market conditions have created huge demand increases. Posing significant logistical challenges to expedite cargo from the other side of the world at a time when all international air transport services are diminished in capacity and availability, being relocated or reprioritised to balance the global PPE shortage.

Working from home, furloughed or just following lockdown rules have seen entire nations spending much more time at home then ever before. Even those coming out of lockdown are keeping staff at home, having discovered reducing needs and strict restrictions to bring them into the office together.

A combination of this and a growing requirement to entertain at home has seen huge demand in the Electronics industry for example.

Electronics, along with the wider Retail sector usually start their Christmas stock imports in July. However, with the threat of a second wave looming for many countries and with retail only just beginning to open, will expediting demand be as high as we expect? Or could it be even higher as retailer grapple to resolve lost profits as quickly as they possibly can.

One thing is for certain, now is the perfect time for leveraging Sea-Air. With air freighters still dominating the Airfreight market, rates for their service are only likely to develop once more as we head through peak season.

Our fast and dependable Sea-Air services are bolstered in readiness and show clear cost savings when they are needed the most.

When air is too costly and ocean is too slow. We are here for you…. and we are ready!

Best regards,

Oliver Bursch, SVP SAT Albatros Group