New SAT engagement with Swiss WorldCargo

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Dear valued customer and colleague,

Our Operation Resilience update this month takes a very encouraging step forwards, we are not just pledging to keep Sea-Air available at this vital time, we are upgrading!

We are very proud to announce enhancement to our services into Europe after recently engaging new agreements with airlines such as Swiss WorldCargo from Dubai. Especially this fresh alignment enable us to once again bring our Sea-Air services to pre-pandemic levels of market leading speed and “Swiss” clockwork reliability.

Just in time, as a number of countries prepare to tackle a second wave of Covid-19, as air freighter costs remain totally dominant for Airfreight demand globally.

Our vital services are still shipping PPE and increased demand commodities that do not warrant the full cost of Air.

SAT heroes have been working closely with our valued customers and service partners to make ready for second wave conditions should they arise and the expected peak season rush which usually begins in July.

Now is a crucial time for Sea-Air. As demand to ship PPE via pure air diminishes over the coming months making our services perfectly placed as a lower cost, transit time alternative. Whilst at the same time other industry sectors such as Retail reawaken from their lockdown and start the catchup on lost sales.

With belly space on PAX flights still at super low availability, it leaves the air freighters once more to satisfy these market driving conditions as we head toward Christmas 2020, however this may look this year.

Our fast and dependable services are bolstered in readiness and show clear cost savings when they are needed the most.

We are here for you…. and we are ready!