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Dear valued customer,

We are very pleased to be able to share further great news from SAT’s Operation Resilience.

Three months ago, the landscape for commodities requiring and affording expedited services was a completely different picture. Radical changes in demand, supply and even accessibility through global pandemic conditions we have seen a total shift in the products moving through Sea-Air.

We are very encouraged to see early signs of our more usual shipment types coming back online as each country slowly wakes up from lockdown.

However, currently leading the field is the shear demand in SAT’s vital services for shipping time-urgent PPE of all types from multiple locations such as Malaysia, Vietnam and China as pure Air rates continue to hold at very high levels. Never before have we seen such a need for Sea-Air to support urgent medical supplies, nor do we expect this to end any time soon.  Freighter services and even passenger flights used for cargo only will continue to dominate pure Airfreight globally before real passengers will come back. This will keep pure Air rates on a very high level.

Today we recognise the great achievements and mutual hard work made with you our truly valuable customers and the entire SAT team for enabling our essential Sea-Air services for such vital cargo, through extreme daily challenges

Well done and many thanks, we remain steadfast and ready for continued and ever improving support with all your high demand consignments at this time, as Air rates remain at heights never before experienced.

We have the services you need – we are here to support you!

As usual above you will find the download buttons to obtain our current available SAT ALBATROS Sea-Air Schedules for the month of May 2020.

With kind regards,

Oliver Bursch
SVP SAT Albatros Group

We have the services you need – we are here to support you!