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Dear valued customers,

We start this edition of our monthly newsletter after the long Easter weekend. Many of us through April celebrated Easter in a very different way this year, quietly at home. With family and friends joining the occasion through the wonderful connectivity of video share applications.

Easter is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings and at time of writing, a handful of countries across Europe are now starting some cautious reopening of shops and schools, with Germany leading the way. This is typical spring grass shoots, but the baby steps being taken are the first stage in kickstarting our economies again.

This silent and faceless enemy may have locked us up in our homes, however never before in recent history have we as an entire world been so completely united in one common goal.

One thing is for certain, the world today is already a million miles away from where we were only 6 weeks ago. These changes have not just shifted how we all live our lifes but have highlighted that some of the most important people on the planet are our brave Nurses, Doctors and Delivery Drivers!

Alongside the healthcare sector this helps to bring into focus just how important robust supply chains are, but not more so than the talent, skill and incredible efforts being made by logistician experts the world over to keep produce moving safely in a daily changing world of extreme dynamics.

As consumers under restriction it is not only our shopping habits that have changed, but the very way in which we now access the goods we buy isn’t from the high street now, that’s for certain.

The age of online engagement has taken a skyrocketing growth, being now the only real way to shop for all things other than groceries for companies that have already in place robust supply chain setups with e-commerce shop fronts. This progression is clearly not a surprise, but as a result of the global pandemic we are seeing many sectors fast forward some 10 – 20 years in just a few months.

Sea-Air is most certainly one of those sectors experiencing a fresh Spring season of new beginnings, with a whole host of totally new commodities, industries, sectors and companies needing our precious services to offset the significant climb in Airfreight shipping cost and lack of Airfreight space.

Our absolutely vital Sea-Air services are now retasked with expedited consignments of all types, from Facemasks to Bicycles!

This month SAT Albatros launched Operation “Resilience”, being our pledge to do all we can to ensure our services remain available for use at such a crucial time for all customers with time sensitive shipments, that just cannot stand the cost or capacity restrictions of Airfreight.

If you have time sensitive shipments from Asia to Europe that are just not able to access Airfreight, we can help.

As usual above you will find the download buttons to obtain our current available SAT ALBATROS Sea-Air Schedules for the month of May 2020.

With kind regards,

Oliver Bursch
SVP SAT Albatros Group