SAT Albatros is launching Operation Resilience

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It is a crucial time for fast and reliable transport solutions to facilitate high priority and increasing demand shipments.

With pure Airfreight prices skyrocketing as available Airfreight capacity tumbles and entire Air routings disappear, it is vital that our dependable faster-than-Ocean services remain available for use at this time.

Our combined Sea-Air services provide vital expedited shipping support at a fraction of the cost of pure Air to the latest high demand commodities such as:

•             Medical Equipment (Respirators, Ventilators..)

•             Medical PPE (Facemasks, Gowns, Goggles..)

•             Bicycles

•             Household Items

•             Indoor & Outdoor Games

•             Telecommunications

•             Electronics

Against some of the most challenging global shipping conditions ever seen, it is vital our combined Sea-Air services remain available as not all commodities can afford to Airfreight, yet need to be available quickly and so Operation “Resilience” is born.

People, companies even governments have rallied and united to face the fight.

Operation “Resilience” is our pledge to do all we can in keeping our totally unique and absolutely vital services from Asia to Europe open to support the daily evolving supply chain challenges in the fight against Covid-19.

If you have urgent cargo and are experiencing very high Airfreight rates and/or minimal available capacity, we can help.

Please contact me for any questions and rate requests or place a request on