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Dear valued customer,

Week by week, day by day, hour by hour we receive updated news about the development of Covid-19 and the result on the society, public and business life.

Different countries take preventive measures in different ways, but mainly all passenger traffic and subsequent all passenger flights have been taken out of duty resulting in huge loss of capacity and a remarkable airfreight rate increase.

It is by far not a China related problem anymore, it is global and nearly all markets and industries are affected.

Re-starting industrial production in China, transport capacity shortages and shop and factory closure in Europe and Americas are a mix of conflicting trends. Forecasts are hardly possible; what is dominating today, tomorrow and next weeks?

In this challenging and untransparent situation it is even more valuable to have strong and trusted partners with lots of experience in the services they are offering.

We from SAT Albatros are carefully doing our planning, trying to anticipate the cargo movements and secure uplift capacities to provide best services in a challenging time.

Prices may fluctuate also short term, which we regret but unfortunately this is one of the current realities that nobody is able to avoid. We try to keep rates and transit times as stable as possible to offer you a real and reliable alternative to pure airfreight.

SAT Albatros is fully operational, the service via Dubai is stable and therefore a great opportunity to transport 50% faster than Ocean, currently more than 50% cheaper and greener than Air.

As usual above you will find the download buttons to obtain our current available SAT ALBATROS Sea-Air Schedules for the month of April 2020.

With kind regards,

Oliver Bursch
SVP SAT Albatros Group