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Dear valued customer and business partner,

Reaching end of the year, it is a good time to reflect 2019 and to say THANK YOU to all of you for your kind support.

2019 has been an unprecedented year of challenges for all in the global transport and logistics sector. Atop of global downtrading in the retail sector, politics and side noise brought about widescale uncertainty on the consumer and investor side, with fears of market stability resulting in careful investments and reduced GDP growth in major global markets and international trade.

Last year I mentioned in the December newsletter that Brexit is in the final stage – now one year later, after many comedy-like debates and voting in parliament it is now REALLY pretty close, whatever this might mean for UK and EU.

Still the US and China are gambling with duties to achieve their goals whilst the rest of the world spectate aghast, just as children watching their first cinema movie in 3D.

Aside the measures of market protection, there is only one truth, globalisation is there. It shows clear signs that it will continue to increase and not a single country on earth will likely be able to exclude themselves from this trend.

Good news is that in 2019 many supply chains worked well without significant capacity constraints or delay due to lower volumes being transported, plenty of space available.

The climate and sustainability movement are more present than ever with ever growing global publicity. Greta’s message is clear, it is time to take action and not just talk about it. Many governments have understood and partly created even prices for CO2. Finally, the Madrid climate summit ended in disappointment. The carbon cutting initiatives of major countries appear too weak to reach the goals agreed in Paris 2015. So, it will be up to the private sector to drive this matter voluntarily as pressure from the people is getting stronger.

There is no doubt that the transport and logistics industry in 2020 will be highly influenced from the above-mentioned topics. Not everything can be planned properly. Therefore, it is great to have alternative hybrid transport solutions in place like SAT Albatros sea-air service that help the world to be become more efficient, more flexible and greener.

I am proud of the SAT teams all over the world that daily do their utmost to serve you the very best in class sea-air solution. SAT, with its high priority service, most experienced staff and continuous improvement process is moving ahead to keep the maximum speed advantage above deep sea, highest reliability for accurate import planning and biggest cost and CO2 saving compared to full air.

Wishing you a joyful Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful 2020 together with us.

With kind regards,

Oliver Bursch
SVP SAT Albatros Group