Update of SAT Surcharges effective 9th September 2017

In News by Oliver Bursch

Dear valued customer,

As we have informed you in April this year, due to changes in the surcharge mechanisms of the airline industry, we had to implement a new SAT Surcharge system. This system helps to better reflect volatile oil prices and the impact on our SAT Albatros Sea-Air product.

Due to the recent upswing in oil prices and fuel indexes, airlines are now activating the first step of their Fuel Surcharge mechanisms with very short notice. Consequently, our SAT Surcharges, currently at USD 0,00/kg, are being updated to USD 0,05/kg effective ETD Origin 9th September 2017 and later.

If you have a quotation on hand from SAT, please be kindly informed that these SAT Surcharges are also applicable for all shipments with ETD Origin 9th September and later.

Your respective SAT contact person will be able to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us. SAT Albatros remains fully committed to the needs of our customers and the high standards of service quality.