Update of SAT Surcharges

In News by Birgit

SAT albatros is well known for an outstanding Sea-Air Service with world-class customer care. Our customer centric approach is deeply embedded in our company culture.

In a volatile economy and an ever-changing business environment, we seek for ways to keep our processes simple for our customer, while remaining competitive and close to market movements. Especially volatile fuel prices are again becoming an important factor in the market, for our partners – and consequently for our service.

We are therefore updating our surcharge structure to better reflect the reality and impact to the market: Our SAT Surcharges are set to zero with immediate effect, to set the baseline of the current surcharge level. Any market movements going forward will be measured against this baseline and could require adjustments on our SAT Surcharges.

All of our so-called „Allin-Rates“ (one rate including freight rate and surcharge) quoted on previous surcharge levels, will today remain as they are – only considered with zero surcharges instead.

Any possible SAT Surcharge adjustments will be announced with reasonable notice, updated on our website sat-albatros.com and communicated through our usual channels. Your respective Account Manager will be able to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

SAT albatros remains fully committed to the needs of our customers and the high standards of service quality.