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The new year is bringing new challenges for the European retail sector. Stronger competition among retailers combined with volatile exchange rates, lower in store traffic, and a shift to “buy now, wear now” trends are amplified by much faster trading demand, including both European and overseas fulfilment.
This year sees changes in the EU economic zone, the lowering of market confidence, and uncertainty about the future. But for every challenge there is always the glimmer of new opportunity on the horizon!
More light than ever is now being shed on the environment and the impact large scale business is having on our planet. This is being driven by consumer concern, empirical research, and the global impact of the Paris Agreement, whose scope and purpose, to keep warming well below 2°C, has been ratified by some 130 countries out of a total of 197.
With Spring, comes the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts. Tackling market challenges requires reliable supply chain agility, partnering with dependable suppliers, and shipping solutions that enable rapid response to trend fluctuations, faster supply chain fulfilment, better held stock control, ‘Just in Time’ modelling, and supporting growth while also measurably acting on climate change.
Our SAT Albatros Sea-Air services are the perfect solution to addressing all of these challenges for you this year. We look forward to hearing from you.

As usual above you will find the download buttons to obtain our SAT ALBATROS Sea-Air Schedules to Europe, Africa and North and South America for the month of April 2017.