In Schedule by Oliver Bursch

This month we would like to point out our special SAT capabilities for Garments On Hanger („GOH“) and how we are able to bring value to customers in the fashion sector.

We were entrusted to handle a special shipment for one of the largest European textile retailers with the following three main characteristics:
Tight timing:
Deadline was sensible because of the consequential retail shop distribution. SAT managed to deliver to the customers dedicated warehouse even one day before the deadline. Requirement from customer for in-sequence, in-order sorting was met with full satisfaction. 
Large number of items:
The load consisted of 16,584 single high-quality jackets and suits. All packed in four 40 feet containers by ocean, carefully trans-loaded into 16 AKE LD3 containers in Dubai for airfreight uplift into Europe.
Time and money saving:
Our valued customer saved approximately 40% of time compared to regular ocean freight – and a lot of costs compared to direct airfreight. On top of that, the customer saved the immense number of 28.626 kilogram of CO2 in comparison to direct airfreight.
You can trust in SAT Albatros, of course also when it comes to sensitive goods like GOH. Just contact us for your next shipment and start saving money, time – and CO2 easily.

As usual above you will find the download buttons to obtain our SAT ALBATROS Sea-Air Schedules to Europe, Africa and North and South America for the month of December 2016.

With kindest regards,

Robin Knopf