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Compared To Airfreight

Save Up To
Compared To Seafreight

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Sea-Air Transport is quicker than pure sea freight and cheaper than pure air freight– and more eco-friendly, too. This is how we operate our non-stop hybrid transport from Asia to Europe, Africa, or the Americas.

  • Sea

    Your shipments from Asia first travel by sea to Dubai…

  • Transit

    …where they are immediately trans-loaded within just 8-12 hours from the containers to the airfreight pallets,…

  • Air

    … and sent out by the fastest airfreight to Europe, Africa or the Americas.

  • Delivery

    Immediate delivery is available from the airport straight to the warehouse of your choice.


Cost and time savings in perfect balance!

Our most favorite Sea-Air routing via Dubai provides the most effective and reliable performance for our Sea-Air flow, combining geographical advantages and outstanding local infrastructure.

0% cost savings
compared to Air
0% time savings
compared to Sea

Why only SAT Albatros when it comes to Sea-Air?

SAT Albatros operates Sea-Air at it’s best, being carrier for this one transport mode only.

We have highly-engineered the processes throughout the whole transport chain. All our shipments have priorities on every part of the transport, which makes our ALBATROS Sea-Air Service simply unbeatable.

With our over 30 years of Sea-Air expertise, we are known for providing outstanding logistic solutions, always being one step ahead and never afraid of doing things differently.




Generally all types of commodities are suitable for Sea-Air Transport, even fragile, heavy, or high-value goods for example. If you are unsure whether your perishables are suitable for Sea-Air Transport please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to find out for you.

Since the second half of the transport is executed via airplane the same general regulations about dangerous and hazardous goods apply as for pure airfreight.



CUT Carbon

Sustainability and climate change are not just passions of ours, they are at the very core of our belief and operation at SAT Albatros Sea-Air.

As an environmentally conscious organisation we are vested in doing all we can to substantially reduce the impact of carbon emissions caused by shipping goods over great distances.

Due to our unique setup, SAT Albatros provide one of the very best and most effective methods in the world for reducing your carbon footprint on priority shipments, whilst maintaining your delivery deadlines. By smartly combining the most optimum Seafreight and Airfreight legs, we are able to cut time, cost and CO2 emissions by upto 45%. Doing whatever we can to keep global warming far below 2°C.

Contact us to find out how much you can save using SAT Albatros.

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CO2 saved* and counting…

*total savings in kg since 2012 according to



Start Saving Smartly!

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